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WorkSpectrum encompasses the spectrum of work in which Organizations perform, track, communicate and report on their work activities. WorkSpectrum offers an integrated approach towards organizing work and communicating with respect to work items and integrating work items with project management.

WorkSpectrum extends the reach of Organizations to communicate with other external Organizations (such as Data Centers) using web Services. Organizations can establish B2B type connections, and once connected WorkSpectrum seamlessly integrates submitting and tracking Work Items with the external Organizations.

B2B Connection with Organizations (Organization-2-Organization)
  • Submit work items to the external Organization with a single click
Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Multiple SLAs
  • 3 levels of escalations
  • Create online documents
  • Review and comment on documents
  • Mark work items directly from online documents
  • Version Control
B2B Logic

WorkSpectrum establishes Communication Portals at the Organization level and workspace levels for facilitating communication amongst the Organizational users. Thus providing unique framework for communication.

WS Intro Highly Customizable
Supports multiple workspaces
Multiple Work Item Types
Customizable Work Item Types.
Role based security
Status Updates
Knowledge Base
Create and Tag Knowledge Base articles
User Reviews and Ratings
Customer Portal
Online customer portal
Service Level Agreement